How does an investor get visibility into operations and decisions?

We are in parity with industry-class systems, our processes make us every transparent from an operations standpoint to investors. We generate a wide – range of reports include hotel performance daily reports, STR monthly/weekly, monthly expense reports, quarterly reports.

How do we manage operations?

Our operation has a central function to provide management oversight, market research, accounting, sales support, and revenue management, planning, sourcing, marketing and supporting business activities acress the portfolio. At each asset level we have an autonomous control given to GMs to operate based on local needs and partner with central functions for executive.

How long do you take to turn around acquiring assets to profitability?

The timing to turn assets into profitability is entirely dependent on asset complexity on a deal-by-deal basis.  Our aggressive approach enables us to reposition within the first 3-6 months of executing value creation strategy which involves renovation, rebranding and aligning management. Our experience on projects has shown a turnaround between 12-24 months where the asset will lead to profitability.

Why invest with us?

Our objective is to generate superior returns to stakeholders’ invested capital and focus on long-term capital growth. Our leadership brings value on every acquisition; we have a thorough due diligence process to access and qualify potential targets before purchase. Our experience and nimble approach bring value from deal selection, negotiation, to running operations to profitability quickly.

What are the risks investing with us?

We mitigate inherent risks through our management strategy and execution. Our planning, process and approach with fresh perspective differentiates in mitigating risks timely. Every business has risks evidently it also applies to our business. Investments are protected through a wide range of agreements.

What is the opportunity size for investors?
Investments can range from $200K to $5 million depending on the deal. We offer an equity opportunity to potential and current investors on a deal-deal basis.
What is the focus of future geographic expansion?
Our focus is mostly in hospitality real estate and most of our acquisitions have been in the state of the CA. Our core philosophy is to acquire high potential assets where opportunity presents.
What is our acquisition and development process?
Oceanic Companies acquires, develops and manages high-potential hospitality real estate investments in limited to full-service hotels across the state of California, USA. Our acquisition team undertakes an exhaustive process of screening, due diligence, negotiation and soliciting in evaluating property’s market potential and attractiveness before closing the transaction.

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