Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

The Oceanic Companies objective is to generate superior returns to its stakeholder’s invested capital and focus on long-term capital growth. Investments in hotels create value by applying proven time-tested strategies resulting in improved net operating incomes over a time period.

Oceanic investment philosophy is firm in our managing principals’ collective experience in developing, operating and owing hotels over multiple lodging cycles. Traditionally, a real –estate development, management and Investment Company, bolstered hotel acquisitions whose values dropped significantly during the downturn. Our strategy of investing in fundamentally distressed hotels at a discounted price provides substantial gains in real estate value, appreciation and increased operating performance.

We seek to invest that will yield an adequate internal rate of returns with the risk undertaken over a five year investment period.

investment philosophy
investment philosophy
Our Approach

Using a systematic approach, Oceanic creates and executes targeted business plans that will maximize returns on invested capital for our stakeholders:

  • • Seeking to take advantage of pricing dislocations created by distressed sellers of distressed capital structures and pursing investments with attractive risk-reward profiles;
  • • Quantifying a hotel potential and positioning within its targeted market.
  • • Deal capitalization and investment strategy enabling hotel to reach its full potential.
  • • Focusing on acquiring debt positions with implied basis at deep discounts to replacement costs.
  • • Pursuing investments in high population and job growth markets where demand for all real estate asset classes likely exists.
  • • Targeting markets with barriers to entry other than capital
  • • Maximizing investment performance targets through strong asset and property level management by employing superior customer service standards and quality controls.
  • • Affecting a profitable sit strategy.

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